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The 6th house is mentioned as the house of disease, sickness etc. besides other negative happenings and adversities in the native’s life.

The next step is to analyze the strength and position of the lord of the 6th house vis-à-vis the Lord of Ascendant. Generally, if the Ascendant and Lagna lord are stronger than the lord of 6th house then the native will pull through and recover from the illness

Then it is necessary to see the planets posited in the 6th house and also the nature and humor of planets aspecting the 6th house.

In Medical Astrology Planets accountable for the diseases given below. These planets make cause in the field of Health Astrology
Sun – Fever, feeling fiery in body, Pitta, heart fail, eyes, skin, pain from fire, weapon or poison, snake bite, epilepsy.
Moon – Insomnia, disturbed sleeping cycle, laziness, frequent cough cold, loss of appetite, jaundice, blood disorder, fear from water, uterus, disturbed menses, anemia.
Mars – Thirstiness, Vata and Pitta imbalance, Fever due to Pitta, accident by fire or weapon, leprosy, weakness due to deficiency of marrow bone, eyes, ulcer, rough skin, itching, handicap.
Mercury – Nervous breakdown, pancreas and nostrils disorder, throat cancer, all three disorders due to imbalance of Vata, Pitta and Cough, skin disorders like eczema, jaundice, infertility, azoospermia, Parkinson.
Jupiter – Ears and gall bladder ailment, fever to due to infection in intestine, appendix, bronchitis, jaundice, kidneys, liver, obesity.
Venus – Eyes, urine, weakness in sex, erectile dysfunction, diabetes, reduced weight, yellow skin due to less hemoglobin, slip disk.
Saturn – Joint pains, trudge, fatigue, leg pain, knee damage, paralysis, depression, attack by evil spirits, injury by fallen tree or stone-pelting.
Rahu – Heart, disease due to side effect of poison, Leprosy, snake or ghost attack, low blood pressure.
Ketu – Sever stomach pain, continuous gastric etc.
In Medical Astrology, signs also represent body parts. When any sign is inflicted by malefic planets then disease, belonging to that sign, arise. Following are the sings which represent the particular disease. Health Astrology Report is based on these.

Given below is the list of houses responsible for diseases in Astrology

First House – Headache, psychological disorder, cough cold, weakness in brain. Since ascendant house is itself a body so calculation of physical and psychological capacity measures by this house.
Second House – This is known be a house of death. This house is used for analyzing eyes disorder, face, nostrils, teeth, throat.
Third House – Throat infection, neck problem, windpipe, right hand and arm.
Fourth House – Chest, heart, arteries, mental illness, and psychological disorders are supposed to be calculated from this house.
Fifth House – Indigestion, loss of appetite, liver, kidney and all such kind of stomach disorders are calculated from fifth house.
Sixth House– Waist pain, intestine, hernia.
Seventh House – All kind of disorders related to utters like cyst etc., diabetes, sugar, stone in kidney
Eighth House – Sexual disorders, sex weakness, irregular menstrual cycle.
Ninth House – Buttocks, bone marrow, Vata, blood infection, blood cancer.
Tenth House – Arthritis, skin disorder, knee and ankle pain, Vata.
Eleventh House – Leg injury or fracture due to accident.
Twelfth House – Eyes, allergy, jaundice, accident and injury in stomach, feet fracture.

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