SUN IN ASTROLOGY The Sun in Vedic astrology is called RAVI, or SURYA. He is considered to be mild malefic, in consideration of the hot, dry in nature. As in western tropical astrology, the Sun rules the Sign of Leo (Simha).strong sun in birth chartHe is exalted (Uccha) in the sign of Aries (Mesh), andContinue reading “SUN”


Moon in Astrology Moon means mind: Moon is associated with the functionality of mind. It is believed that the moon controls the power of mind and versatility. It is also believed to provide power of meditation, concentration and resistance against cold diseases. The Moon in Vedic astrology is called CHANDRA. In Sanskrit CHANDRA means “brightContinue reading “MOON”


THE MARS Brief nature of mars: Mars, a powerful planet, can work out miracles for it’s devotees. It can protect it’s devotees from impending dangers and blood-related ailments. It is instrumental in the acquisition of landed properties, acquiring of status, affluence in profession/occupation and even relieves from steep debts. In Vedic astrology Mars is knowContinue reading “MARS”


THE MERCURY Nature of Mercury: Mercury is adored for bestowment of blessings of good education, business, sharp intellect, and pleasing appearance and also to keep off from heat-induced ailments, general debility and depressions. The planet also monitors the family affairs in life. It is related to peace of mind, earnings, intellect, education and business, ifContinue reading “MERCURY”


THE JUPITER The planet Jupiter in Vedic astrology is known as GURU, BRIHASPATI, and DEVAGURA. In Sanskrit these names mean, “teacher, lord of light, and teacher to the gods.” Jupiter is a 2ND most benefice planet after Venus, generally considered to be the most auspicious of the planets. He rules over the two sidereal signsContinue reading “JUPITER”


THE VENUS The planet Venus is known as SUKRA in Vedic astrology. Sukra means “white”, or “bright” in Sanskrit.Venus is a first rate benefic in Jyotish (predictions).Venus rules over the two sidereal signs of Taurus (Vrish) and Libra (Tula). Venus is exalted in Pisces (Meen) and in his fall in the opposite sign of VirgoContinue reading “VENUS”


THE SATURN In Vedic astrology the planet Saturn is called SHANI. In Sanskrit Shani comes from SANISCHARA, which means, “slow mover”. From Shani we get the word “shun”, which means to ignore, or lose awareness of something. Thus, Saturn represents a loss of awareness, or ignorance. This loss of awareness can also mean the diminishingContinue reading “SATURN”


RAHU – THE DRAGON’S HEAD The North Node of the Moon is called RAHU in Vedic astrology and the South Node is called KETU. They are called dark or shadow planets, because of the Nodes’ association with the phenomena of eclipses. They have no sign ruler ships, although they are said to favor Mercury andContinue reading “RAHU”


KETU – THE DRAGON’S TAIL Ketu, the South Node of the Moon means a “sign”, or a “banner” in Sanskrit. If Rahu is the planet of worldly desire, then Ketu is the planet of otherworldly desire, or spirituality. Ketu represents the spiritual process of evolution, or the refinement of materialization to spirit. Ketu is consideredContinue reading “KETU”


Physical Appearance Persons born under Aries sign possess lean and muscular body, middle stature, neither thick nor stout, rudy complexion,long face and neck, broad head at the temples and narrow at the chin. Thin features, mark or scar on head or temples, bushy eye brow, rough or wiry hair varying in colour from dark toContinue reading “ARIES”


Physical Appearance The person born with Taurus as rising sign at the Ascendant are of short to middle height of broad forehead, plumpy, bright eyes, thick and stout neck, dark hairs, clear complexion, well developed body, ambitious and obstinate. Mental Tendencies. Persevering, constant, conservative determined, obstinate and ambitious of power yet social, affectionate and lovingContinue reading “TAURUS”


Physical Features Gemini born persons are tall, upright, slender, quick.Lovely and quick witted, sometimes shy or retiring humane, good disposition, but nervous and restless. Admirer of music, dance, drawing,painting, travel and inventions. Mental Tendencies Quick in grasping, learning and acquiring a good education. Lovely and quick witted, sometimes shy or retiring humane, good disposition, butContinue reading “GEMINI”


Physical Appearance Not usually above average height, tendency to stoutness, sometimes awkward and walk with a rolling gait. Round face,full cheeks, tendency to double chin. Short nose but sometimes prominent at the tip. Grey or light blue eyes, pale complexion, wide chest and small hands and feet. Mental Tendencies Cancerians are fond of change, noveltyContinue reading “CANCER”


Physical Appearance Leonians have broad shoulders, ruddy or florid complexion, large bones and muscles. Tall, upright upper body better formed than lower. Thin waste, prominent knees. Soft and wavy hair usually light in colour with tendency to baldness. Head full sized and round. Full stature and majestic appearance, imposing, commanding and dignified.Broadly complexion will varyContinue reading “LEO”


Physical Appearance Virgoans are tall with a slander body. Dark hair and hairly. Curved and hairly eyebrows, thin and shrill voice, walks quickly and will never have a pot- belly. Straight nose, appear younger than age, a pronounced forehead, frank and honest expressions of the eyes and sometimes beautiful blue eyes (Venus is the rulerContinue reading “VIRGO”


Physical Appearance Good complexion, well formed body, tall, slender in youth but tendency to stoutness in middle age, smooth, brown to black hair,blue or brown eyes, passionate, parrot like nose round or oval face, good features, curves and contours of body are regular, often have dimples, good looking graceful and youthful appearance with sweet smileContinue reading “LIBRA”


Physical Appearance Scorpions have good personality, well proportioned body, long hands, stature average, broad face, commanding appearance,short and curly hair and muscular body. Tendency to stoutness, often square type of face and robust build of body, prominent brows and dusky complexion unless ascendant is aspected by some malefic planets. Mental Tendencies Scorpio sign is calledContinue reading “SCORPIO”


Physical Appearances A well proportioned and a well developed body.Tall, slender, generally long or oval face, large forehead, high or bushy eyebrows, long nose, bright expressive blue or hazel eyes, clear complexion but subject to aspect of other planets. Charming appearance, graceful look and handsome figure. Brown or chestnut hair inclining to baldness especially nearContinue reading “SAGITTARIUS”


Physical Appearance Prominent features usually thin and long, long or prominent nose, thick neck, long chin, dark or black hair, thin beard, usually not very handsome stature short in early age but one grows tall suddenly after 16 years of age. The constitution improves with age as it will be slender in early age. TheContinue reading “CAPRICORN”


Physical Appearance No doubt that this sign is of short ascension yet the people born under this sign are tall with full stature. Strong, well-formed,tendency to stoutness in middle age, good, clear complexion, oval face,handsome appearance, brown shade hair, mole or scar on calf-muscles.Fleshy face good looking and friendly countenance. Mental Tendency Intelligent, good memoryContinue reading “AQUARIUS”


Physical Appearance Pisceans are generally of short stature, of plump body, short limbs, full of fleshy face, pale complexion, tendency to double chin, muscular and spherical shoulders. Big and protruding eyes, soft and silky hair. Wide mouth and inclining to corpulence especially in latter years. Mental tendencies Quick in understanding, inspirational, versatile, easy going,good natured,Continue reading “PISCES”


GENERAL RESULTS OF BEING BORN IN ABHIJIT NAKSHATRAMale NativesPhysical features: He has a medium height and a well proportioned body. He has a magnanimous personality with a shining countenance and a graceful expression. He also has sharp penetrating looks.Character and general events: The native will be respected by the learned and respected class. His behaviorContinue reading “ABHIJIT NAKSHATRA”


GENERAL RESULTS OF BEING BORN IN ANURADHA NAKSHATRAMale Natives1.Physical features: The native will have a beautiful face with bright eyes. In some cases where combination of planets is not good, he may have cruel looks. 2.Character and general events: He is liable to face several obstacles in his life. Even then he has special aptitudeContinue reading “ANURADHA NAKSHATRA”


GENERAL RESULTS OF BEING BORN IN ARIDRA NAKSHATRA Male natives: Physical features: It has been noticed that various natives of Ardra have different body structures, right from the slim and short to fat and lengthy one. 2. Character and general events: He undertakes any work entrusted to him in a responsible manner. In the publicContinue reading “ARDRA NAKSHATRA”


GENERAL RESULTS OF BEING BORN IN ASHLESHA NAKSHATRA There is a saying that people born in Ashlesha Nakshatra possess serpent’s sight and even a single look casted by them on others will have a penetrating effect of a certain unknown force. In order to escape from such a sight it is the ancient traditional practiceContinue reading “ASHLESHA NAKSHATRA”


GENERAL RESULTS OF BEING BORN IN ASWINI NAKSHATRAMale Natives Physical features: Male born in Ashwini Nakshatra will have a beautiful countenance. His eyes will be bright and large with a broad forehead and a little bigger nose. 2. Character and general events: The native may appear to be very calm and quiet, but capable ofContinue reading “ASWINI NAKSHATRA”


GENERAL RESULTS OF BEING BORN IN BHARANI NAKSHATRABirth star of Rahu. It extends from 13:20 to 26:40. Symbol: Orifice of the womb (oss-mouth), lord Mangal. It is possible to have an idea of the nature of Bharani Nakshatra from the nature of Rahu, Mangal and Yama.Male Natives Physical features: He is of medium size, withContinue reading “BHARANI NAKSHATRA”


GENERAL RESULTS OF BEING BORN IN CHITRA NAKSHATRAChitra Nakshatra: Spread from 23:20′ Kanya to 6:40′ Tula Rashi. The lords are Budha and Sukra, Deity Viswakarma, the symbol is the gem on the serpent’s crest. Chitra is very beautiful to look at. Viswakarma, the great artist and artificer to the Gods, the lord of practical artsContinue reading “CHITRA NAKSHATRA”

Dhanishta Nakshatra

GENERAL RESULTS OF BEING BORN IN DHANISHTA NAKSHATRADhanishta Nakshatra: Spread from after 23:20 in Makar up to 6:40′ in Kumbha. Lord Basudaibata. Symbol drum and tabla. Because Basudaibata is the deity of this star – it is the giver of wealth, precious stone, valuable articles, gold, opulence etc. Asthavasu derives from Ganga. The virtues ofContinue reading “Dhanishta Nakshatra”


GENERAL RESULTS OF BEING BORN IN HASTA NAKSHATRASpread from 10: to 23:20′ Kanya. Deity Surya, Lord Budha, symbol – closed hand. The 12 names of the sun are: (1) Arun, (2) Aditya, (3) Tapan, (4) Divakar, (5) Bhaskar, (6) Bhanu, (7) Martanda, (8) Mihir, (9) Ravi, (10) Bivakar, (11) Sahasramsu and (12) Surya. All theContinue reading “HASTA NAKSHATRA”


GENERAL RESULTS OF BEING BORN IN JYESHTA NAKSHATRAJyestha Nakshatra: Spread from 16:40′ up to 30: degree Vrischika Rashi, Lord is Mangal, the deity is Indra, equivalent to Ravi, the King of the firmament. Indra is the great lord, the mighty warrior and a hero among heroes by tradition and in the plenitude of power heContinue reading “JYESHTA NAKSHATRA”


GENERAL RESULTS OF BEING BORN IN KRITTIKA NAKSHATRA This is the birth star of Chandra. Many constellations gather at the tail end of Krithika group. It extends from Mesa 26:40. The residuary 10: degree fall in Vrishabha. The Devata is Agni, Lord (Adhipati) is Mangal and Sukar. Agni is the great purifier, the great consumerContinue reading “KRITTIKA NAKSHATRA”


GENERAL RESULTS OF BEING BORN IN MAGHA NAKSHATRASpread from 0 degree to 13:20′ Simha. Ravi is the lord, the deity ‘Pitrigan’. Symbol-The royal Court with a royal throne. Attributes-The virtues and vices of the father’s family, wealth, glory, beauty, strength and prowess, lustre and effulgence, superior qualities, sharpness of intellect, nobility, prestige, replenishment, and increase,Continue reading “MAGHA NAKSHATRA”


GENERAL RESULTS OF BEING BORN IN MOOLA NAKSHATRAMoola Nakshatra: Spread from 0: to 13:20′ Dhanu Rashi, Lord is Jupiter (Guru). Symbol – a bunch of roots tied together, deity ‘Nirithi’ or ‘Alakshmi’. It also means the ‘opposite’ or ‘reverse’. Moola is not one of the good stars which is evident from this that the deityContinue reading “MOOLA NAKSHATRA”


GENERAL RESULTS OF BEING BORN IN MRIGASIRA NAKSHATRAMrigashira Nakshatra extends from after 23:20 in Vrishabha Rashi up to 6:40 in Mithune. Presiding deity Chandra. Symbol-Antilope or Deer. The word Mriga represents forests, gardens, a search, a seeking to find, to roam about in the forests and a hunter, to seek, to blaze the trail, aContinue reading “MRIGASIRA NAKSHATRA”


GENERAL RESULTS OF BEING BORN IN PURVA BHADRAPADA NAKSHATRAPurvabhadrapada Nakshatra: Spread from after 20: in Kumbha up to 3:20′ in Me en. Lord Sani and Guru, deity Ajopada (Rudra). Symbol double-faced man. It causes burns, punishes by fire, to cause pain, to burn things to ashes, to use words that burn, conduct that blisters, toContinue reading “PURVA BHADRAPADA”


GENERAL RESULTS OF BEING BORN IN PUNARVASU NAKSHATRA Spread from 20: degree Mithun up to 3:20 Karkata. Presiding deity Aditi, the Lord is Budha and Chandra. Symbol-Quiver (receptacle for arrows). The word Punarvasu is derived from Puna+ Vasu, which means return, renewal, restoration or repetition. Male Natives Physical features: He is handsome to look atContinue reading “PUNARVASU NAKSHATRA”


GENERAL RESULTS OF BEING BORN IN PURVA ASHADHA NAKSHATRA Poorvashadha Nakshatra: Spread from 13:20′ up to 26?40′ Dhanu Rashi. Lord is Guru, the deity is “Varun’ (lord of the Waters), symbol a ‘hand fan’. Male Natives Physical features: He will have a lean and tall body. With pearl like teeth, he has long ears, brightContinue reading “PURVA ASHADA NAKSHATRA”


GENERAL RESULTS OF BEING BORN IN PURVA PHAGUNI NAKSHATRA Spread from 13:20′ to 26:40′ Simha. Lord Ravi, deity “Shivalinga”, Symbol-Swinging hammock. It is also called the Bhagadaivata Star. All the six majesties, pleasure and prosperity, love, enjoyment and sensual delight are caused by this Nakshatra. Male Natives Physical features: He has an attractive personality. AContinue reading “PURVA PHALGUNI NAKSHATRA”


GENERAL RESULTS OF BEING BORN IN PUSHYA NAKSHATRA Spread from 3:20 to 16:40 Karkata. Lord Chandra. Symbol-teat of the Cow, the word etymologically means to nourish and that again means to preserve, to protect, replenish, multiply and strengthen. Male Natives Physical Features: It is very difficult to define or describe the body structure or theContinue reading “PUSHYA NAKSHATRA”


GENERAL RESULTS OF BEING BORN IN REVATI NAKSHATRA Revati Nakshatra: Spread from after 16:40′ up to 30 degree in Meen Rashi. Lord Guru. Deity Pusa. Pusa is the keeper of Cows of the Gods, causes Cow keeping and animal husbandry, protection and nourishing of dependants, foster-father etc. Pusa means the cherishing of protected people. MaleContinue reading “REVATI NAKSHATRA”


GENERAL RESULTS OF BEING BORN IN ROHINI NAKSHATRA The word is derived from Rohan which means to rise or to bring into existence. It extends in the Vrishabha Rashi from 10 degree to 23:20. The lord of it is Sukra, the symbol a Cart drawn by Cows. The Devata is Brahma, the prime creator ofContinue reading “ROHINI NAKSHATRA”


GENERAL RESULTS OF BEING BORN IN SHATBISAJ NAKSHATRA Shatabisha Nakshatra: Spread from after 6:40 up to 20: in Kumbha. Lord Shani. Symbol a circle. The Ocean, rivers, lakes etc. are derived from this star and it signifies aquatic marine life. Male Natives Physical features: He will have a soft body, excellent memory power, wide forehead,Continue reading “SHATBISAJ NAKSHATRA”


GENERAL RESULTS OF BEING BORN IN SRAVANA NAKSHATRAShravana Nakshatra: Spread after 10: degree up to 23:20′ in Makar. Lord Sani, symbol 3 footprints, deity Hari who takes all forms of Brahma , Vishnu, Siva, etc. It is the birth star of Saraswati. From this is derived light-rays, lion, beasts, horse etc. . “hari” means “toContinue reading “SHRAVANA NAKSHATRA”


GENERAL RESULTS OF BEING BORN IN SWATI NAKSHATRASwati Nakshatra: Spread from 6:40′ to 20: Tula. Lord is Sukra, the deity is the Wind and because of this latter factor this causes the attributes of the Wind. Restlessness of disposition or physical restlessness, inability to stay still at any place comes from it; also fidgetiness andContinue reading “SWATI NAKSHATRA”


GENERAL RESULTS OF BEING BORN IN UTTARA ASHADHA NAKSHATRAUttarashadha Nakshatra: Spread from 26:40′ Dhanu to 10: of Makara. Lord is Guru and Sani. The derivatives from Uttarashadha are closely allied to those of Poorbashadha.Male Natives Physical features: He owns a well-proportioned body with a broad head and a tall figure. He has a long noseContinue reading “UTTARA ASHADA NAKSHATRA”

Ruby Gemstone

Ruby The Ruby/Maanik is connected to planet Sun and known to inspire creativity,wisdom and love,and bring forth spirituality and confidence. It makes the wearer to to have power of command,name,fame and success. Wearing process : * Best day of wearing – Sunday. Best time of wearing – Kritikka Nakshatra in shukla paksh. * Mantra –Continue reading “Ruby Gemstone”

Red Coral Gemstone

Red Coral The red coral/moonga is connected to planet mars and is known to give the native success in competitions, win in court cases and also win over enemies. It also gives the qualities of leadership to the wearer and enthusiasm and aggresiveness in work. Wearing process : * Best time to wear red coral/moongaContinue reading “Red Coral Gemstone”

Opal Gemstone

Opal Gemstone The Opal is connected to planet Venus as well as moon and wearing it improves physical and mental health,prevents sexual diseases,increases stamina and helps in improving the wearer’s marital life. Wearing process : * Best day of wearing – Friday. * Best time of wearing – Bharini Nakshatra in shukla paksh. * MantraContinue reading “Opal Gemstone”

Catseye Gemstone

Catseye Gemstone The Catseye is connected to planet Ketu or South node and known to It bestows wealth by secret means,like horse racing, gambling, stock exchange market and speculation. Wearing process : * Best day of wearing – Cat’s Eye can be worn on second or third finger on a Saturday morning in a goldContinue reading “Catseye Gemstone”

Zircon Gemstone

Zircon Gemstone The zircon is connected to planet Venus and wearing it improves marriage relationships , love relations ,prevents sexual diseases,increases stamina and helps in improving the wearer’s marital life Wearing process : * Best day of wearing – Friday. * Best time of wearing – Bharini Nakshatra in shukla paksh. * Mantra – ”Continue reading “Zircon Gemstone”