Reasons for Stress in Astrology

The mental strength and emotion of any person depend on the situation of Moon in the horoscope. Moon is the planet of mind. Mercury is a planet of brain. It is very important to know the actual situation of both planet in horoscope.

Moon and Mercury both are weak in your horoscope the native will sure suffer from mental problem in the Mahadasha or anterdasha of related planets. if Moon and Mercury is placed in 6th, 8th or 12th, house or aspect or association with malefic planets or debilitated in any house then we can say that the native is suffering from mentally problem.

Moon and Mercury are strong in the horoscope indicate strong mental personality of the person.

If both are afflicted than the native suffer from nervousness, depression and restlessness etc.

Astrological reasons behind stress and anxiety :

If Moon’s placement is in the 6th, 8th or 12th house which is a bad place for the moon

The conjunction of Moon with any of the malefic planet

If Malefic planet Rahu, Ketu and Saturn aspect Moon

If Moon is hemmed between two malefic planets

If the placement of Moon in the house is alone and no other planet is either side of it

Placement of Moon with Sun, then Moon loses its powers against Sun and failed to give good results

Along with Moon, Ascendant is badly affected either with placement or with an aspect of malefic planets

If the 4th house is imperfect it has no power, if the 4th house or its lord is under the influence of any malefic planet, then the native may face stress and depression

The primary astrological remedies for mental tension are :

Worshiping and chanting of the Mantra of related effecting planets

Wearing the Moon Yantra permanently to keep the mental stress away

Donating of silver and other associated metals which will help you as astrological remedies for mental tension

Regular worship of the Sun, the Moon, and the Mercury with flowers, sweets, and incense.

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