Should mercury be in sagittarius, the native will be famous, liberal, will have knowledge of Vedas and shastras, be valorous, will practice abstract meditation, be a minister, or family priest, be chief among his race-men, will be very rich, be interested in performing yagyas and teaching of Vedas etc, be a skillful speaker, be charitable and be an expert in writing and fine arts. People with Mercury in Sagittarius have a liberal approach in life. Mercury also employs them with the art of tact and diplomacy. They are quite driven towards spirituality. Native also has a strong penchant to visit religious places and books. They have a philosophical bent of mind, so enjoy such prudent discussions. Psychology and religion also appeal to them as subjects of study. Mercury gives the skill of eloquent communication to the native here. Such a person is a skillful speaker, mostly expert in writing. Foreign cultures and languages usually fascinate such people. Their imagination is quite fertile and interesting. These people become good storytellers 

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