1-4. The Venerable Sage said. O Maitreya! Now I will describe to you the circumstances, in which the births are inauspicious in spite of Lagna and the Planets being well disposed. Although Lagna may be well disposed, births will be inauspicious, if they take place on Amavasya (last day of the Krishna Paksha), on Chaturdasi (14th Tithi), in Krishna Paksha (dark half of the month), in Bhadra Karan, in the Nakshatra of the brother, in the Nakshatras of father and mother, at the time of entry of Sun in a Rasi, the time of Pata, at the time of solar and lunar eclipses, at the time of Vyati Pata, in Gandantas of all the three kinds, in Yamaghant, Tithikshaya, in Dagdha Yoga etc. The birth of a son after three daughters and birth of a daughter after three sons and the birth of a freak are inauspicious. But there are remedial measures for obtaining relief from the evil effects of such births, which are being described in the following chapters.

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