Rahu Ketu in 9th House

Sutra 24-If Rahu or Ketu is in the ninth house, the native will be childless, will have intimacy with low-born women, will depend on others for his livelihood and will be irreligious.
Other Views
Phaldeepika Rahu-The native will speak with bitterness and will not perform any charitable deeds but will be a leader of village or town.
Ketu-The native will be sinfully disposed, will perform un-pious deeds, will be fatherless, unfortunate and poor.
Chamatkar Chintamani Rahu-The native will be full of good qualities, fond of pilgrimages and kind hearted.
Ketu-The native will be anxious to get children and will earn wealth with the help of non-Hindus.

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