Mercury in 6th House


If Mercury is in the 6th house the native will be respected by the king. There will, however, be obstacles in achieving success in educational pursuits. The native will be showy and proud and very proficient in creating controversies. In his 30th year he will be accorded great favour by the king (Government). The native will write letters, books etc. If Mercury is in the sign of Mars (Aries or Scorpio), the native will suffer from leprosy of the blue colour or other similar diseases of the skin. If Mercury in the 6th is associated with Saturn and Rahu or Saturn and Ketu, the native will suffer from diseases like rheumatism, shooting pains etc. He will have quarrels with enemies belonging to his community. If lord of the 6th is strong the people of the community will prove stronger. If the lord of the 6th is weak, the people of the community will get annihilated.
Comments-It will be seen from the above that Mercury in the 6th house gives mixed results but the evil effects predominate. While the native will get favour from Government, he will be showy and proud, quarrelsome and will not achieve success in the educational sphere. He will suffer from diseases and enemies if Mercury is under evil influence.
Other Views
Brihat Jafaft-The native will be without enemies.
Phaldeepika-The native will be lazy and will have harsh speech. He will humiliate his enemies but will be fond of creating controversies.
Saravali-The native will be victorious in the battlefield and will be free from diseases. He will be lazy, without anger, harsh in speech and he will get humiliated.
Chamatkar Chintamani-He will have inimical relations with other people. He will earn wealth with his own efforts.

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