Adhi Yoga is said to occur when the benefic planets Jupiter, Venus or Mercury occupy themselves in the sixth, seventh and eighth House from the Moon in a Rashi in any combination (benefic in two houses or all of them), Adhi Yoga is formed. Though some believe that these planets should be individually placed in each House, many others believe that it can be placed in any combination in the Houses as in any case the Moon will shine its reflective energy on the planets crosswise through the horizon and similarly the planets will influence the Moon. Considered as one of the most important combinations in a person’s Rashi, Adhi Yoga is placed among as an equivalent to Raja Yoga or itself as Raja Yoga. Adhi stands for ‘first’, and as a result of this Yoga the native will be a pioneer or leads the way for something new. It makes a person gracious and reliable. The native will live a long, healthy and a happy life with lots of luxury, comfort, prosperity and will conquer over his rivalries. Depending on the positioned planets, the native will hold a leadership, power and affluence in his life. In case only one planet occupies any of these Houses in its full power, the native becomes a leader; in case two, he becomes a minister and in case three, person becomes an eminent personality in his life. The native will also have a strong curiosity towards relationship matters and marriage because of the involvement of the seventh and eighth Houses in this Yoga.

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