Kalanidhi Yoga is said to occur when the planets Mercury and Venus either aspects or is in conjunction with the planet Jupiter, which should be residing in the either second house or fifth house; this planetary combination leads to the formation of Kalanidhi Yoga in a Rashi. The presence of Kalanidhi Yoga in a person’s Rashi results in making the native exceedingly fervent, good at heart, rich, wealthy and proficient. The native possesses all sorts of conveyances and noble belongings. The native as an impact of Kalanidhi Yoga went on to hold a very status in life, and is respected and admired by people equivalent to kings or head of states. Such a person also lives a healthy life remaining untouched from diseases and ailments.

contact : Acharya Raman Kamra 8130 201 201 / 9911 351 351


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