Sun in 2nd House

Sutras 22-32-If the Sun is in the second house, the native will suffer from diseases of the mouth. In his 25th year he will incur wrath of Government and as a consequence will suffer loss of wealth. This will not happen if the Sun is in Aries (that is, exalted) or in Leo (own sign). If Sun is associated with a malefic, the native will get diseases of the eye, he will have little knowledge of ancient scriptures (Shastras) and will remain in ill health. If the Sun is aspected by benefics the native will be protected from the above evil effects and will become wealthy. If the Sun is with Mercury the native will stammer in speech. If the lord of the second house is posited in his sign of exaltation, the native will talk succinctly and clearly, will have knowledge of ancient scriptures, will be learned, will enjoy good eye sight. This disposition will cause Rajayoga as a result of which native will acquire name, fame and wealth.
Comments-Second house is significator of mouth. Here affliction of the Sun therefore causes diseases of the mouth. The second house is also significator of wealth. The Sun represents Govt. Therefore affliction of the house of wealth by the Sun causes loss of wealth by the wrath of Govt. The author says that this event takes place in the 25th year. This can be verified only by practical experience. However, there is no such effect if the Sun and the second house are aspected by benefics (like Jupiter and Venus).
In the second house the Sun with malefics is said to cause eye diseases. This is quite understandable as the second house is a significator of eyesight and vision. As the second house will be badly afflicted by the Sun and other malefics, the eyesight will be adversely affected. This disposition will also cause ill health as the Sun signifies vitality and his affliction will weaken vitality and consequently the native will suffer from ill health. It is said that these evil effects will not arise if the Sun (in association with malefics) is aspected by benefics. Our view is that the evil affects will not be entirely wiped off by the aspect of benefics but the diseases^ will respond to curative treatment. He is also likely to acquire wealth if the benefic influence is more dominant than the malefic influence. It is said that if the Sun is with Mercury, the native will stammer in his speech. Generally Mercury who is significator of speech, is combust on account of nearness to the Sun. If Mercury is corn-bust the speaking faculty will be adversely affected. This will not happen if mercury is not combust. Very favourable results have been indicated in the matter of speech, name, fame and wealth if the lord of the second house is in his sign of exaltation. These results will certainly be experienced by the native if the lord of the second house in his position of exaltation is placed in houses other than 3,6,8, and 12.
The view of the other important classical tests in regard to effects of the Sun in the second house are given below:-
Brihat Jataka-The person concerned will be immensely rich but will be deprived of his wealth by a king and will suffer diseases in the face.
Phaldeepika-The person concerned will be devoid of 36 learning, modesty and wealth. He will have defect in his speech.
Saravali-The native will possess cattle and servants. He will suffer from disease of the mouth. He will be bereft of fame and comforts. He will acquire wealth from the king or the thieves by questionable means.
Chamatkar Chintamani-The native will be learned. He will possess cows, horses and elephants. He will incur expenditure on good causes. He will quarrel with members of his family on account of his wife. All his efforts to acquire wealth will go in vain.
Note-It will be seen that in essence the effects given by the authors are the same as given by Bhrigu Sutras-In fact the views of the latter are more logical and meaningful.

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