THE SATURN In Vedic astrology the planet Saturn is called SHANI. In Sanskrit Shani comes from SANISCHARA, which means, “slow mover”. From Shani we get the word “shun”, which means to ignore, or lose awareness of something. Thus, Saturn represents a loss of awareness, or ignorance. This loss of awareness can also mean the diminishingContinue reading “SATURN”


If saturn is placed in aries at the time of one’s birth one will be miserable due to his vices and hard labor, be deceitful will hate his relatives, be blameworthy, garrulous, reprobated, poor, bad in appearance, ill-tempered, inimical to his people, will do base acts, be jealous and sinful. Self-reliance is high within youContinue reading “SATURN IN ARIES”


If saturn be in taurus at the time of one’s birth, he will be bereft of wealth, be a servant, will speak undesirable words, be untruthful, will win the hearts of old women, will have bad friends, will be addicted to women, will serve other women, be not outspoken, will have strong sight, be relatedContinue reading “SATURN IN TAURUS”


If saturn is posited in gemini at the time of birth, native will contract debts and imprisonments, will toil, will have vanity in disposition will consecrate by hymns and prayers, be bereft of virtues, be always in hide-out, be libidinous, cunning, wicked and fond of wandering and of sports. You can focus on deep andContinue reading “SATURN IN GEMINI”


If saturn be in cancer at the time of birth, native will possess a beloved wife, be devoid of wealth in boyhood, will suffer many diseases, be learned, motherless, soft-spoken, distinguished in acts, will always contract diseases, will trouble others, be inimical to relatives, crooked, be kingly in his mid-life and will enjoy growing pleasures.Continue reading “SATURN IN CANCER”


If saturn is in leo at birth, one will be interested in writing and reading, be skillful, be disdained, devoid of virtues and wife, will live by servitude, be devoid of his own men and happiness, be interested in doing base acts, ill-tempered, be mad with undue desires, will carry loads, will toil hard andContinue reading “SATURN IN LEO”


If saturn is placed in virgo at birth the native will resemble a eunuch, be very crafty, will depend on others for food, be addicted to prostitutes, will have a few friends, be unacquainted with arts, be desirous of indulging in ugly acts, will possess sons and wealth, be indolent, helpful to others, will intentContinue reading “SATURN IN VIRGO”


If saturn is posited in libra at the time of birth, the native will be rich, soft-spoken, will earn money and honours from foreign countries, be a king, or a scholar, will have his wealth protected by his relatives, be senior in the circle, will attain a high status owing to his gracious speech inContinue reading “SATURN IN LIBRA”


If saturn is in scorpio at the time of birth, the native will be hostile, be crooked, affected by poison and weapons, very ill-tempered, miserly, egoistic, rich, capable of stealing others’ money, averse to instruments played on festive occasions, malicious, very miserable and will face destruction, misery and diseases. You may have psychic ability. People mayContinue reading “SATURN IN SCORPIO”


If saturn is posited in sagittarius , one will be skillful in behavior, teaching, Vedic meanings, learning and denotation, be famous due to virtuous children, family profession and his own virtues, will enjoy excellent affluence in his old age, will speak less, will have many names and be soft in disposition. It brings trust, respectContinue reading “SATURN IN SAGITTARIUS”


If saturn is in capricorn , the native will lord over the lands of others’ females, will be endowed with Vedic knowledge, virtues and knowledge of many branches of fine arts, be excellent among his caste-men, be honourable, will respect others, be famous, be interested in bathing and decoration, will be skillful in performance, willContinue reading “SATURN IN CAPRICORN”


If saturn be in aquarius at the time of birth, the native will be a great liar, be eminent, be addicted to women and wine, be wicked, crafty, will fall prey to evil friendship, be very ill-tempered, be averse to knowledge, conversation and traditional law, be addicted to other women, be harsh in speech andContinue reading “SATURN IN AQUARIUS”


If saturn is placed in pisces at the time of birth, native will be fond of Sacrifices and arts, be chief among his relatives and friends, be calm, will have increasing wealth, be skillful in policy-making, be capable of diamond testing, be virtuous, modest and will later on acquire an authoritative position. You are intuitive,Continue reading “SATURN IN PISCES”