Native having moon in taurus at birth will be large-hearted, highly charitable, short-haired, libidinous, famous, brilliant, will have more daughters, will possess eyes resembling that of a bull, be in a position to differentiate between good and bad, be happy during middle and concluding parts of his life, will have strong waist, feet, shoulders, face etc., will have some identity on the side and back of the body, will walk beautifully and be endowed with forbearance. With Moon in Taurus, you would find emotional security in familiar surroundings. Sudden changes or unpredictable circumstances take you by surprise and you may find them as threatening. With Taurus Moon sign, you are naturally a cautious soul. Material comforts and possessions are your source of comfort. Others see you as dependable and loyal. People with Taurus Moon sign are strong rooted, they find comfort in traditions and customs. They are a bit conservative because they don’t like change much. It is very difficult to budge them or alter their opinion about something. Moon in Taurus would certainly finish what they have undertaken before accepting another responsibility. You don’t liked to be pushed into doing something. However, once you make a commitment, you fulfill it. People with Moon in Taurus tend to be very loyal in relationships.

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