Moon in Astrology Moon means mind: Moon is associated with the functionality of mind. It is believed that the moon controls the power of mind and versatility. It is also believed to provide power of meditation, concentration and resistance against cold diseases. The Moon in Vedic astrology is called CHANDRA. In Sanskrit CHANDRA means “brightContinue reading “MOON”


If the moon is in pisces , the native will be expert in fine arts, be capable of winning even unfavourable people, be learned in Shastras, beautiful bodied, proficient in music, very religious, will cohabit with many women, be a polite speaker, will serve the king, be somewhat irascible, will have a big head, beContinue reading “MOON IN PISCES”


If the moon is in aquarius , the native love to study human nature and analyze why everyone around them acts the way they do. While they can be sociable, at heart they would rather be on their own. They may have a strong ego, and they”ll do their level best to be unusual. TheyContinue reading “MOON IN AQUARIUS”


If the moon is in capricorn at birth , the native will be a singer, will be averse to cold articles or season, will have stout body, will be fond of truth and charity, be distinguished, famous, less irascible, be libidinous, unkind and shameless; will possess beautiful eyes and emaciated body, will violate teacher’s bed,Continue reading “MOON IN CAPRICORN”


If the moon is in sagittarius at birth, the native will be dwarfish, will have round eyes, big heart, waist and hands, be a good speaker, will have prominent shoulders and neck, will live near watery zone, will have knowledge of arts and secret affairs, be courageous, will possess strong bones, be very strong, willContinue reading “MOON IN SAGITTARIUS”


Should the moon be in scorpio at birth, one will be a miser, will have round thighs, coarse physique and nose, will be cruel in acts, be a thief, be sick in childhood, will have spoiled chin and nails, but beautiful eyes, will be plentiful, industrious, skillful, fond of others’ housewives, devoid of relatives, insaneContinue reading “MOON IN SCORPIO”


If the moon is in virgo at birth, one will be addicted to women, will have long hands, attractive body and face, beautiful teeth, eyes and ears, be learned, be a religious teacher teaching Vedas etc, be an eloquent speaker, be truthful and pure, valorous, be kind to living beings, be interested in others’ affairs,Continue reading “MOON IN VIRGO”


If the moon is in leo at birth, one with Leo Moon sign like to be at the center of everyone’s attention. You are often the life of a party! You have a great sense of humor and charisma in your personality. You like to entertain people and there is a lot of drama in how you do it. You are a veryContinue reading “MOON IN LEO”


If the moon is in gemini at birth, one will have prominent nose and dark eyes, will be skillful in the art of love, poetry etc., will enjoy sexual pleasures, will have lines of fish in the palm, will be fond of worldly enjoyments, will be sinwy, be very intelligent, splendourous, be endowed with hapiness,Continue reading “MOON IN GEMINI”


If the moon is in cancer at birth, the native will be fortunate, valorous, be endowed with residence, friends, journeys and astrological knowledge, be sensuous, grateful, be a minister, be truthful, will live abroad, be passionate, hairy-bodied, fond of water and flowers, interested in construction of houses, wells etc. and will have a prominent neck.Continue reading “MOON IN CANCER”


Native having moon in taurus at birth will be large-hearted, highly charitable, short-haired, libidinous, famous, brilliant, will have more daughters, will possess eyes resembling that of a bull, be in a position to differentiate between good and bad, be happy during middle and concluding parts of his life, will have strong waist, feet, shoulders, faceContinue reading “MOON IN TAURUS”


Should the moon be in aries , the native will have a golden coloured body, will be endowed with lasting wealth, be devoid of co-born, be valorous, self-respected, auspicious, prosperous, libidinous, will have weak legs, ugly nails and little hair, be fickle-minded, will consider honour, as wealth, will possess hands and legs like the lotus,Continue reading “MOON IN ARIES”